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Wooden Gym Equipment – HomeHealth Eco

Wooden Gym Equipment – Making the fitness industry more environmentally friendly

HomeHealth Eco – Wooden Gym Equipment – Intro/welcome video

An amazing idea, you could make almost all of the kit from wood if you wanted to

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A Lady bird sat on the latest Ash 3kg Dumb-bell. Finished with a fine sand and brush but otherwise completely natural and untreated. Gives a really nice insight into what we are trying to produce. This stays true to our core values, the creation of something beautiful, functional and made from timber. Zero waste, as the sawdust from this item was used by my neighbour to line his chicken coup. Ultimately the sawdust will be used for pets, pressed into burnable logs, or possibly even pressed and glued (natural resin based glue) into a dumb-bell shape……

How it started – Wooden Gym Equipment – Back story:

Wooden Gym equipment – Introduction: I have been in the fitness industry for 25 Years (having completed a Sport and Exercise Science degree in 2000) running home, work and outdoor based Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga agencies called HomeHealth Fitness, HomeHealth Pilates and HomeHealth Yoga. Many of these sessions take place in home gyms, garden gyms, corporate gyms and private residents gyms so I have seen first hand how metal and plastic based the fitness industry has become.

Consequently, when my teenage children wanted some gym equipment for our garden, and despite having sold fitness equipment to various of our clients over the years, I took a much more personal look at the industry. I should confess, right now, that one major reason for seeking an alternative, that ended up being wood based, was the cost of said kit. Being fairly reasonable at DIY and enjoying working with wood for various other projects over the years I wondered……Then a massive tree blew down at the end of our garden and as I was logging it up I thought “if I popped a wooden bar between these logs it would make a really effective dumb-bell” and that was where the idea started.

Wooden gym equipment was in very short supply when I researched how I could best make it and thus I ended up using trial and error for the most part. As I was doing this I thought how amazing it would be to produce, commercially, wooden kit. Using coppiced timber, that is both plentiful and completely renewable. I figured two key types of finish. One for more outdoor type gyms which would be rustic to the extent of literally being logs on the end of a wooden bar, and benches and squat racks from bigger and longer logs. Two, a more refined, finer, even ornate, product that would be smooth and beautiful and perfectly adorn any garden gym, or perhaps even an ‘eco Zone’ within existing commercial gym spaces.

Evolution via workshop prototyping

The ‘Eco Zone’ within existing commercial gyms could be a brilliant idea, you just need 1 gym to test its popularity

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